I am a fourth year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon where I'm advised by Ioannis Gkioulekas . My work is supported by the NVIDIA Graduate Research Fellowship and previously was supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship . During my PhD I've had the opportunity to intern with Adobe Research and Apple's Exploratory Design Group. I received a BA in Computer Science and Mathematics at Dartmouth College, where I had the privilege of working with Wojciech Jarosz.


A theory of volumetric representations for opaque solids
arXiv preprint
Walk on Stars: Grid-Free Monte Carlo for Neumann Boundary Conditions
ACM Trans. on Graph. (2023)
Boundary Value Caching for Walk on Spheres
ACM Trans. on Graph. (2023)
Path-Space Differentiable Rendering
ACM Trans. on Graph. (2020)
A null-scattering path integral formulation of light transport
ACM Trans. on Graph. (2019)
Variance and convergence analysis of Monte Carlo line and segment sampling
Computer Graph. Forum (2017)
(*, † indicates equal contribution)

Teaching Assistant

  • Master of Science Computer Vision (MSCV) Capstone (CMU 16-622) Fall 2023
  • Physics-Based Rendering (CMU 15-468 / 15-668) Spring 2021, Spring 2022
  • Rendering Algorithms (Dartmouth CS 87 / 187) Spring 2018

Source code for this website is available on Github